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Aerial Circus Performers For Events

Hire aerial circus performers! As a pioneer in the Colorado aerial scene, we have a strong performance based company. ACOD Entertainment performs nationally catering to a host of events including corporate parties, weddings, festivals, and more. For instance, some of our past clients include DIA, Vail Resorts, Budweiser, and String Cheese Incident! Meet some of our performers.

What do we offer?

Solo and group aerial circus performers along with our popular service, aerial champagne pours! The champagne pours involve an aerialist pouring champagne (or any drink of choice) while suspended in the air! Additionally, our most popular aerial performances involve aerial silks and/or aerial lyra. But, we offer much more including dance trapeze, cube, aerial heart, pole and more.

aerial silks performance woman on white silks in splits
Hired aerial performer at an event performing hoops
figure skater on synthetic ice Circus entertainers near me

I’m not sure aerial is right for our event. Do you offer anything else?

We offer a variety of non-aerial acts including contortionists, stilt walkers, fire performers, tightrope walkers, jugglers, bellydancers, burlesque performers, and our most popular and ritzy ice skating performances! These ice shows are done on synthetic ice meaning they can be anywhere! Indoors, outdoors, in 90 degree heat, or below freezing our ice shows are an exclusive opportunity that will separate your event from the rest. As a large company, we also have many partners and connections, so if you’re looking for something else entirely we can likely arrange!

Hire a Performer: What type of performance will I get?

We offer “act” and “ambiance” style aerial circus performers. Single acts are choreographed and are shorter in duration, approximately 5 minutes. This is also an exciting way to open events or offer a “show” style performance. Ambiance style is not choreographed to a specific song. This allows our artists to spend more time in the air, about 8 – 10 minutes per set with three sets over the course of an hour. Ambiance is generally the preferred style for events where aerial is background entertainment.

contortion backbend during performance woman in backbend

I’m not sure our ceilings will work for rigging aerial…?

No problem! We have a personal aerial rig that can be set up practically anywhere with a fairly flat surface of about 15ft x 15ft. Also, we can set the rig up indoors or out!

Sounds interesting, what is the price?

This depends on the duration of the event, the style, and what type of act you are looking for so it is very hard to ballpark a price as each event is unique and requires a custom quote. However, most events that are an hour or 2 in duration and 1 -2 performers run approximately $500 for ground based acts up to $1500 for aerial acts, which require more work due to rigging. All performances are customized to your event including music and costumes! If you would like a quote, please email us with the duration of your event, if you are looking for a show or ambiance style, and what type of act (aerial, ground-based, ice show, etc).

Why book us?

  • Large variety of unique and professional performances with elite level performers
  • Some of the best rates in the industry!
  • Higher liability insurance than our competitors.
  • Excellent customer service and years of experience!

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