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Youth Aerial

Aerial Dance Classes for 6 to 8 Year-Olds

Students 6 to 8 years old take our youth aerial dance classes.  In these classes students learn four apparatuses including:

Our instructors teach one apparatus per class. For example, the first week will be silks. Subsequently, the next week would be trapeze.

We are proud to be the only aerial studio in Denver that is Safety Recognized by the American Circus Educator’s (ACE), Safety Program. Read more about our focus on safety here.

Youth Aerial Beginner?

New students will start in a Level 1 session. In other words, students need to learn fundamental skills before progressing to higher levels. Students perform at the end of the session. This occurs during the final class! Above all, students will gain strength, confidence, and flexibility!

Why sessions? Drop in classes are difficult. In other words, when there are new students each week skills need to constantly be repeated. Therefore, we teach in a session based format. This allows for progressive instruction. Above all, with sessions, student’s learn more, and quicker! We offer 3 make up classes per session.

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Class Schedules

Summer Session 2024: June 3 to August 12

Fall Session 2024: August 19 to December 16

We accept late registrations!

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