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How to become an aerialist! (Adult Students)

This is our most frequently asked aerial dance question! If you are new to aerial, you will start in the Aerial Basics 8-week intro series to “learn the ropes.” In this series, students complete 8 classes and learn technique and skills on the aerial silks, trapeze, sling (hammock), and lyra (hoop).

You do not need any experience to start aerial dance! Most our students come in brand new to the sport. It is suitable for any age, any body type, and any level of fitness. You do not need to be “flexible” or “strong” to start. You will gain that over time! Of course, some level of flexibility and strength is helpful, but not a prerequisite. We do not have a weight limit. We are strong believers that aerial is for any-body. Although everyone learns at a different pace, after 1 aerial basics session most people are ready to advance into an intermediate level class. Adult classes run on an 8 week session format.

Why 8-week sessions? Can I just try it out?

We value teaching in a progressive learning environment where you learn more, and quicker, with a group of peers! Drop in classes are difficult to maintain an appropriate curriculum that is new and challenging for everyone as there can be different people in class every week with this policy. Therefore, we highly suggest our 8-week session classes. However, we do have a Saturday 2pm drop in aerial silks class. It is not age specific, meaning the class will often have adults and kids. Find the schedule and registration for the class.

How long does it take to learn aerial silks?

This is another frequently asked aerial dance question we often get from students. Progress in aerial arts is often hard to quantify as leveling and names of tricks can vary from studio to studio. An individual’s movement background is also influential. At ACOD, we have a specific set of leveling requirements before students move up. This is to help with safety and student comfort in class. Most youth students spend at least 1-2 years in our intermediate level classes before moving up. If you are interested in leveling up quicker, taking more than 1 class a week and private lessons can speed up the process.

How much are aerial silks classes?

As with most businesses, there are many unseen costs that impact the price of aerial dance classes. Prices reflect the increasing cost of rent, insurance, and instructor certification/professional development. We also maintain very small class sizes, which does impact class cost. However, you’ll find you get much more attention and instruction than a normal fitness class. ACOD aims to keep prices competitive, while paying our instructors fairly! Visit pricing info to see our current rates.

Do I need my own fabric or other equipment?

No! Students are welcome to use studio equipment for class, and most do. However, you may eventually find you want to purchase your own fabric. We have a sister company, Aerial Fabric Acrobatics, you can purchase through. We offer students a discount and studio pickup!

What should I wear for aerial dance?

Another frequently asked aerial dance question concerns clothing. A form fitting shirt and leggings are the best clothing choice for aerial dance. The trapeze and hoop can scratch the backs of your knees, so legging are better than shorts! Please do not wear jewelry of any kind as it can snag the fabrics or rip out! Also, please avoid clothing with zippers, or other items that can snag fabric.

Is Aerial Dance Safe?

Yes! Our studio rigging is certified by structural engineers to bear the weight of aerial dance. Additionally, 8 inch thick gymnastics certified crash mats are used under every apparatus at all times. Our instructor to student ratio is kept small to maximize instructor supervision and personal attention. Being the largest studio in the Denver area, there is also more space per student, avoiding any issues with collisions.

Training and Private Lessons

We offer both open-gym sessions and private lessons. Open gym times can be found on our schedule. Private lessons need to be scheduled with us, so please email us at

Can I buy a gift card?

Yes! We offer gift cards of any denomination. Please email us for details.

Aerial Arts Summer Camps

Registration will begin for our aerial arts summer camps early January. Registration runs through the summer or until camps are full. Find information and registration for these circus camps.

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