Student Showcase

At Aerial Cirque Over Denver

Student Showcase

We offer multiple student showcase opportunities per year.
  • In-studio Showcases. The in-studio showcases are built into the ACOD youth spring and fall sessions (we do not do a showcase for summer session). They do not cost extra! At the end of your child’s session (during the final class) they will participate in an on-site showcase for family friends. This will be held at Aerial Cirque Over Denver (4605 Quebec St).
  • Off-site Theatre Showcase. Our off-site shows are held at Cleo Parker Robinson Theatre (119 Park Ave W, Denver). These showcases are not required for recreational students – participation is optional, but is a fun opportunity! Because it isn’t included in the cost of the youth or adult sessions, to cover our rental and production costs there is a fee (see below).

Upcoming Showcase Dates!

  • In-studio Showcase (youth spring 2023 session). Will be the final week your child has class – week of May 29th – June 4th. The showcase takes place at Aerial Cirque Over Denver during your child’s final class (same day and time of their class).
  • Off-site Showcase. Will be held at Cleo Parker Robinson Theatre and is an additional fee if you would like to perform, unless you are enrolled in the Performance Company (Performance Company includes registration fee but not tickets!).

Information for Cleo Parker Robinson Off-site Showcase


Rehearsal (Recreational and Performance Company): Friday, May 19th.

**Highly highly recommended to participate, but not required.

  • Youth and Adult Recreational Student Rehearsal. Youth, 3 to 430pm. Adult, 430 to 5pm.
  • Performance Company Rehearsal. Youth, 530 to 7pm. Adult, 7 to 830pm.

Show Day: Saturday, May 20th.

**You can stay as long as you want with 1 ticket (you do not need to purchase separate tickets for the recreational and performance company shows even though they are separate events).

Youth and Adult Recreational Show: 2pm to 430pm. 

Youth Recreational Show. DOORS OPEN, 2pm. Show, 215 to 345pm.

Adult Recreational Show. DOORS OPEN, 345pm. Show, 4 to 430pm.

Youth and Adult Performance Company Show: 5pm to 8pm.

Youth Performance Company. DOORS OPEN, 430pm. Show, 5 to 630pm.

Adult Performance Company. DOORS OPEN, 630pm. Show, 7 to 830pm.

Participation Requirements:

  • Registration open for current ACOD students only due to space! Email us if you are not a current student and we can see if we can accommodate you.
  • Any student of any level can participate in the showcase. The number of showcase performers is capped due to time, so please register early if you would like a spot! Please see below for some additional stipulations based on your level.
    • Int+ youth students. As part of the choreography component of your classes, you do not need any additional private lessons or coaching (unless you feel more comfortable). As you put a routine together in class, you can use this same routine for the Cleo showcase.
    • Beginner youth and adult students. You are able to participate in the showcase! However, you will need to create a performance routine. This is best done via private lesson with your coach. You will pick a song (no more than 3-4 min recommended) and in approx. 2-3 private lessons you can choreograph your performance. Email us to get your private lessons scheduled.
    • Int + Adult students without a choreography class component. It is recommended that you do 1 private lesson with your coach to help with a routine, but you can put this together yourself if preferred. For our students 16+ we have open gym time you can book for this.

Music Requirements:

  • Of your choice, though must be “clean” versions; 2 ½ – 4 ½ mins in length.
  • Must be emailed to the studio in the final cut version by May 1st!!! PLEASE note that in order for us to format everyone’s music and make it a seamless experience, you will not be able to participate in the show if you don’t have your music turned in by 5/1.

 Fee to Perform:

  • $65. Includes rehearsal, show day, and theatre production costs (rental and associated tech crew). It does not include tickets!! See below for ticket information.
  • Fee is due no later than 5/1. Please use the registration button below to sign up and pay.


  • Tickets are not included in the $65 production fee. Tickets may be purchased for $15 HERE through Brown Paper Tickets. Or at the door, if space allows (cash only!!!). It is better to purchase all tickets in advance to guarantee a spot!
  • Seating is first come, first serve general admission; soft theatre seating in rows; wheelchair accessible.


  • Costumes are not provided by ACOD! There is no requirement to purchase anything fancy or special for the showcase – your regular workout attire is fine. However, if you’d like to purchase something special here are some guidelines for safe aerial costumes! If you have a costume question, please email us. Also be sure you have your costume for dress rehearsal!
    • Should provide appropriate coverage to prevent burns (specifically, belly coverage)

    • Should NOT impede hand grip, foot pinch, or vision (for example, long skirts that could get tangled in the apparatus or fly up over your face).

    • No sequins, zippers, buttons, etc. in the Silks or Sling due to likely damaging of the silk material. Sequins are fine with bar apparatus such as Trapeze & Lyra.

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