Student Showcase

At Aerial Cirque Over Denver

Student Showcase Info!

We offer multiple student showcase opportunities per year.

  • In-studio Showcases. The in-studio showcases are built into the ACOD youth spring and fall sessions (we do not do a showcase for summer session). They do not cost extra! At the end of your child’s session (during the final class) they will participate in an on-site showcase for family friends. This will be held at Aerial Cirque Over Denver (4605 Quebec St).
  • Off-site Theatre Showcase. Our off-site shows are held at Cleo Parker Robinson Theatre (119 Park Ave W, Denver). These showcases are not required for recreational students – participation is optional, but is a fun opportunity! Because it is not included in the cost of the youth or adult sessions, to cover our rental and production costs there is a fee (see below).

Upcoming Showcase Dates!

  • In-studio Showcase (youth fall 2023 session). Will be the final week your child has class – week of December 11th – 17th. The showcase takes place at Aerial Cirque Over Denver during your child’s final class (same day and time of their class).
  • Off-site Showcase. Will be held at Cleo Parker Robinson Theatre and is an additional fee if you would like to perform, unless you are enrolled in the Performance Company (Performance Company includes registration fee but not tickets!).
    • Spring 2024 is schedule for May 18/19 weekend. More info to come as the date approaches.

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