Adult Aerial Classes

At Aerial Cirque Over Denver

Adult Aerial Classes

Our aerial arts gym features adult aerial classes for those who are just starting and those who have experience.

Adult Aerial Beginner?

It’s best to start in the Aerial Basics 8-week intro series to “learn the ropes.” Our aerial basics intro series is an 8 week course where students learn fundamental skills on 4 apparatuses; silks, trapeze, sling (hammock), and lyra (hoop). Students spend the most time learning silks. After one adult aerial basics session, students are often ready to move to an intermediate level class. The aerial basics intro series is perfect for people who have never tried aerial arts!

Have Experience?

We offer a variety of intermediate and advanced adult aerial classes. These include sling (aerial hammock), trapeze, cloud swing, silks, lyra (aerial hoop), and rope! We are also the only aerial arts gym in Denver offering cyr wheel! We also offer non-trick based classes including contortion, aerial yoga (anti-gravity yoga), and aerial Pilates. Finally, if you are interested in performing, we have an Adult only Performance Company for our Int+ level students.

Why 8 week sessions? We teach in a progressive manner where student’s learn more, and quicker, with a group of peers! Drop in classes are difficult to maintain an appropriate curriculum that is new and challenging for everyone as there can be different people in class every week with this policy. Drop in classes? Adults are welcome to do our Saturday drop in silks class (all ages, mixed level), but being with a group of peers in a session is highly recommended if you’re interested in more quickly developing skills due to the consistency of class size and participants. Late registration in the session is available. Email us for pro-rate/availability.

We also have classes for Youth, Pre-Teen, Teen, and Aerial Dance Camps.

Before registering, please read our:

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