Aerial Dance Summer Camps Denver

summer dance camps denver 2024

Dance Summer Camp Denver | Aerial Dance

2024 Summer dance Camps open for Registration!

Do you have a child who swings on ropes and loves to climb? Our aerial dance summer camp at Aerial Cirque Over Denver is perfect for that adventurous spirit! Learn aerial silks, trapeze, hoop, and hammock! Camps open to ages 6 to teen. Student will be grouped with similar ages. We also offer Spring break camps, Thanksgiving break camps, Winter break camps, and DPS “day off” camps!

Dates & Times | 2024 Summer Dance Camp

Every week starting May 27th through August 16th

Everyday, Monday – Friday

Morning Camp: 9am to noon


Afternoon Camp: 12 to 3pm

**Full day option, sign up for morning + afternoon for 9-3pm. Please note kiddos will be doing similar camp curriculum between morning and afternoon.

Aerial Curriculum | Dance Summer Camp Denver

During summer and Holiday dance camps, students learn skills and tricks on 4 different apparatuses!

  • Aerial Silks – the most popular aerial apparatus! One long piece of strong nylon fabric. The silks are rigging to the ceiling with 2 separate tails coming down to the ground. Some tricks include: spin, fly, climb, footlock tricks, giantX, knot straddle, mermaid, cocoon, and more!
  • Trapeze – a bar apparatus that spins and swings. It is connected to the ceiling by two ropes. Some tricks include: spin, fly, cone, under bar splits, ice skater, angel, birds nest, and more!
  • Hammock – also known as aerial sling. Similar to aerial silks, hammock is a fabric apparatus made of strong nylon. However, instead of coming all the way to the ground, it hangs about 3-4 feet off the ground. Some tricks include: spin, fly, inverted straddle, gazelle roll down, vampire drop, fishy, twirly bird, and more!
  • Hoop – also know as lyra. It is similar in size and shape to a hula hoop (but steel!) and hung from the ceiling by two ropes. Some tricks include: spin, fly, cone, pull over, man and lady in the moon, star, birds nest, zipper grip knee hang, and more!

In these youth circus camps in Denver, every camp day is split into learning two different apparatus. This keeps students engaged and trying new things every day!

Infographic showing denver aerial dance summer camp schedule. Two apparatuses taught per day.

At the end of the week long camp most students have the foundational skills needed to join one of our Beginner or Intermediate level weekly classes. Come enjoy our summer camp Denver!

Aerial Summer Camp Policies

Camp purchases are non-refundable for any reason. They can be transferred but you do need to email us the details, including parent email so we can reach out for waiver + info.

There will be a maximum of 14 kiddos in camp (2 coaches) with a max of 2 sharing an apparatus.

Interested in weekly classes? We have options for YouthPre-Teen, Teen and Adult students!

Summer Dance Camp Reviews!

Don’t take our word for it, read a few of our recent summer camp reviews below!

Nischala H (Google)

“Our daughter had such a great experience at the summer camp for youth! She’s 7 and it was her first time doing aerial- the instructors were very welcoming and kind! She has some sensory challenges and this was an ideal environment for her to learn and thrive- very calm and supportive. She was so proud of her new skills!” – Nischala H (Google)

Yazyth N (Google)

“My daughter was so scared of heights and going upside down. But one week of camp and it’s like I have a whole different little girl who is so confident and brave! The teachers are so patient and give great direction to the kids. We got to see what they learned on Friday and I was completely blown away at how much she had learned and how her fears were no more. Parents are not allowed during class which I loved because I know my daughter would have been distracted with me there and probably not have been as brave as she was. I asked her what her review is and this is what she said: “I loved every bit of it, the silks, my teachers, all the friends I made. I can’t wait to go back!!” She’s 6 years old. We WILL be going back for more!!” – Yazyth N (Google)

Margaret K (Google)

“My daughter spent yesterday at a day camp with Kara. Kara was patient, kind, encouraging, and made my daughter’s day amazing! When I picked her up I was treated to 20 minutes of getting to see what they learned all day – it was impressive, and my daughter was beaming with confidence and excitement. After 6 hours, I had to pry her away from the silks, because she didn’t want to leave. The morning of camp she said to me – “Mom, I think this is going to be the BEST DAY EVER!” When I picked her up, I asked her if it met her expectations, and she said “It was even better than I imagined!” We will be back! Thank you for providing such a fun experience for my 6 year old!” – Margaret K (Google)