FlyingTots (3-5 y/o)

Preschool Aerial Dance Classes

Our preschool aerial dance classes are a 45 minute playful experience for children between the ages of 3 and 5. We also call this offering “flying tots”. In this age appropriate class, children explore aerial movement through games and activities. For example, children might learn how to swing on a trapeze through a game, kicking over a series of blocks. Over the course of the 8 week session students will gain confidence in body awareness, strength, listening skills, and a love for movement! This is a parent tot class, thus parents are expected to participate and interact with their child.

During the 8 week session children will learn on the silks, trapeze, and sling (hammock). The aerial silks is one long piece of strong nylon fabric. It is rigged to the ceiling with 2 separate tails coming down to the floor. Trapeze is a bar apparatus that children will spin and swing. Aerial hammock is also known as sling. This apparatus is the same material as the aerial silks, but hangs a few feet off the ground in the shape of a U.

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Preschooler learning aerial gymnastics

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