Class Descriptions

Youth and Adult Aerial Dance Classes in Denver!

Circus School Denver

Aerial Cirque Over Denver is Colorado’s premier circus school. The aerial arts gym boasts 2 separate studio spaces and more than 4,000 square feet total. As such, it’s the largest training facility in the Denver metropolitan area! Safety is a priority at our aerial arts gym. Students learn in a progressive manner with our session-based classes. Also, our instructors are all certified and students practice with high rating crash mats under every apparatus.

At ACOD, classes are separated by age and level (beginner to advanced). Classes are specific to tots (ages 3 to 5), youth (ages 6 to 8), pre-teen (ages 9 to 12), teen (ages 13 to 17), and adult students.

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Our instructors specialize in teaching technique-based aerial dance including classes in aerial silk (aerial fabric), dance trapeze, aerial lyra (hoop), sling (aerial hammock), rope (corde lisse), and cloud swing. We also offer ground disciplines including contortion and cyr wheel. ACOD is the only aerial arts gym in Denver offering cyr wheel! Cyr wheel is an acrobatic apparatus consisting of a single ring made of steel that resembles a giant hula hoop. Students stand inside the wheel and spin, roll, leap, and glide across the floor. Finally, we offer non-trick based classes including aerial yoga (anti-gravity yoga) and aerial Pilates.