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Aerial Dance Performance Company

We have an Adult Aerial Dance Performance Company, as well as a Youth Aerial Dance Performance Company. 
Our aerial dance performance company is a once weekly, master class for students who want to develop performance skills. At the end of the term students will dance a full production with solo and group acts. The performance will be held at an off-site Theatre at the end of the Aerial session. Curriculum and choreography will focus on the 4 main apparatuses; silks, sling, lyra, and trapeze. However, alternative apparatuses and ground work, such as rope, cloud swing, or acro may be included at the instructors discretion.
Both the youth and adult performance companies are open to Intermediate 2+ level students. Students work on solo and group act development including emphasizing musicality, creating character-driven movement, cultivating unique and meaningful transitions, and much more. Students learn pre-set choreography, create their own unique routine(s), and learn a group piece. There is a strong technique (skill based) component of the class, so students will continue to learn and progress in skillset! Students will not be cast into certain characters or roles. Everyone will have an equal and similar part. Performance Company is not appropriate for new aerial students. You need a strong technique base before participating in performance company. Finally, there are no extra charges (for costumes, etc).
teen aerial students performing a duo aerial silks act in student showcase denver

Why such a long session?

In short, act development takes time and repetition! With the end goal of a full production show, we need at least 18 weeks of training time. Students who have participated in our performance troupe throughout the years have gone on to roles on cruise ships, Disney on Ice, many national and international circus based shows!

While Performance Company does include technique (skills), it is recommend that students compliment Company with additional technique class(es). Here are the options: Pre-Teen, Teen, and Adult.

Class Schedules

Summer Session 2024: June 3 to August 12

Fall Session 2024: August 19 to Jan. 6, 2025

We accept late registrations!

Before registering please read our:

Student in the aerial dance performance company on an aerial hammock
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