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I’ve never been good at normal sports, soccer, volleyball, swimming, etc. Then I started Aerial basics class. I immediately liked it. I look forward to my classes every week and I hope to take them for a long time. I’ve finally found my sport!

Olivia L.
Age 14

Within one month’s time of taking the Aerial Basic course, I noticed a significant increase in my strength, balance, and flexibility – never have I had such grand results in such a short amount of time! I can highly recommend classes to everyone I know regardless of their age and abilities, that is what is truly most impressive with Aerial Cirque Over Denver.

Paige T.
Age 30

When I first started fabric I thought it looked fun, but ‘yikes’ I am a 40 year old woman with NO upper body strength. It takes me longer to get stuff than the young kids, but I am now 42 with actual muscles (never had those before) and upper body strength. I can climb to the ceiling no problem (took me 4 months to get there), do drops and all sorts of moves. Yes, I have a ton still to learn, but the instructors are so encouraging you really believe you can do it, and then all of a sudden you do do it. Most FUN I have all week!

Tierra L.
Age 42
  • Brittany Plaven - Fire on Ice
  • leah
  • Aerial Performer Performing Silk For a Crowd
  • Katie B