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Studio Safety: Keeping you Safe is our priority!

Aerial dance can be a high risk sport, if appropriate precautions are not taken. At Aerial Cirque Over Denver, safety is our number one priority. Here is what we do to keep you safe! You should ask safety questions to any studio you consider training with.

Utilization of Professionals in the Field

We utilize professionals in the industry. Although our Safety Team is comprised of educated individuals, for our build out and safety risk management, we hire out and consult.

  • We are PROUD to be Safety Recognized with ACE (American Circus Educators) Circus Arts Safety Network. Markedly, we are the only aerial studio in Denver who holds this recognition. What does this mean? We have (and continue) to work with an industry expert to help our school better manage the inherent risks associated with circus arts.
  • Additionally, our rigging was designed and built by an engineer/welding team. The ceiling structure itself was reinforced with steel to make sure it is rated for the forces that can be produced in aerial.

Safe Equipment and Mats

Secondly, our equipment is safe and risks are mitigated with mats.

  • Our equipment is inspected regularly, documented, and replaced when needed.
  • Students are required to use 8 inch thick crash mats under their point. The only exception is for spinning-on-the-ground moves that are not inverted (upside down). Our coaches enforce this. This goes for classes and our showcases.

Teaching for Risk Reduction

Finally, we teach in a manner that reduces risk.

  • Our studio teaches in a progressive manner, through our session-based classes. As a result, students gain all necessary “building blocks” needed for higher levels and more complex skills.
  • Additionally, we have a very specific leveling system and we do not allow students to move up without meeting the prerequisites. This assures students are not being taught outside of the scope of their strength and knowledge
  • All of our coaches have completed training in their aerial specialty and participate in continuing education.

In summary, Aerial Cirque Over Denver is proud to stand as a studio-industry leader in holding a high safety standard.


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