Many people have questions when we tell them that they can learn to do aerial dance. We encourage you to read below and see if any of these questions have been in your mind as well. If you still have questions that haven’t been answered, please email us at Dance@AerialCirqueOverDenver.com and we will get back to you.

Aerial Dancing looks hard! Can I really do it?

Yes you can! Our instructors are professionals, and just about everyone feels intimidated when they see them perform. But, those same people are also amazed at how well they do after only a few classes. We start slow and low to the ground to build strength, flexibility and skill level, progressing only as fast as you feel comfortable. After just a few classes people will be looking at you and feel intimidated by what you will be doing! Our classes are arranged to develop your skills in incremental steps and there is a class for every level.
We’ve watched many students grow and go so far, not only in their aerial abilities, but their self-esteem and self-confidence as well.

Is it as fun as it looks?

Yes it’s a ton of fun! You get to experience the freedom of dancing in a totally new way, and each apparatus has its own unique appeal. You’ll definitely get a work out, and you’ll have fun doing it.

Where should I start?

If you don’t have aerial experience, you should start in Beginning Aerial or Aerial Work-out class  to “learn the ropes.” You’ll get to try most of our different apparatuses, learn the basic techniques, and begin to develop the muscles and flexibility needed to progress.  To see other options to start with and to sign up click here.  It’s not necessary to take Beginning Aerial before any camp or youth – teen class since those will have a group for beginners.

What will I learn in Beginning Aerial?

You’ll learn basic skills on fabric (silks), trapeze, hoop (lyra), and Spanish web.  We’ll work predominately on fabric but each apparatus helps you be able to do more on the other apparatuses, speeding up your learning curve, especially on fabric!

Can I do it with a friend?

Yes, taking class with a friend makes it even more fun!  But you’ll also have fun & fit right in doing it on your own!

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