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Aerial Cirque Over Denver is the first full-time aerial training center in Colorado to bring you the best experience and joy in learning to aerial dance. Our studio is over 3,000 square feet, with 7 aerial stations and 35 total rigging points. We have a specially designed floor which features a level-set padding area for aerialists, and a “sprung” floor area for other types of dancing.

Built to stringent specifications approved by the city every step from pre-construction through completion, welded by the company who RTD selected, consistently receives highest ratings by inspection crews, Aerial Cirque Over Denver, LLC maintains top quality by hiring outstanding, knowledgeable instructors.

Aerial Cirque Over Denver was founded in 2006 by studio director Gayle Lynne. Here is the inspiration behind her vision:

“At 53, I experienced my first Aerial Dance class. I have danced and ice skated at an intermediate level, but had minimal upper body strength. Nonetheless, I was so intrigued by Aerial Dance that I had to give it a try. I was amazed at the quick learning curve – not only for myself, but for the numerous teenagers in the class who at the beginning of the first class showed little potential but by the end of the second class were already “flying” in beautiful positions! One girl exclaimed, “I have found my sport!”
That inspired me to bring the excitement, joy, and beauty of Aerial Dance to Denver. My goal is to offer that inspiration and experience to youths and adults in a way that is affordable, supportive, and joyous.”

Our studio is conveniently located, near both I-25 and I-225, on the SE corner Hampden and Yosemite in the shopette.  We’re 3 minutes east of Whole foods and 24 Hour Fitness on Hampden.

By Light Rail/Bus: Take the Light Rail to the Southmoor station exit Gate D go to where buses are and look for the 105 Havana Crosstown, direction 105 Stapleton 105 via Havana.
For a BUS stop: Stand on E. Hampden just past the stop light at the S.
Monaco Parkway intersection to take the Bus 35 Hampden Crosstown. (Or
just before it in front of shopping center with King Soopers.)
Either Bus 105 or 35 will let you off just past Yosemite on E. Hampden.

 Our Aerial Dance Studio from the outside (Click on the map for driving directions)

Aerial Cirque Over Denver
8964 E. Hampden Ave
Denver, CO 80231
Please email for info & include your ph # for a personal return call.

8964 E. Hampden Ave | Denver, CO 80231
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