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Toddler Classes Denver – 2024 Guide!

toddler dance class at aerial cirque over denver. Toddler on a trapeze

Best Toddler Classes Denver – 2024 Guide!

Looking for great toddler classes Denver? This guide is for you!

In this updated 2024 version, we share the best mommy and me classes Denver has to offer. The guide is broken down into specific categories (dance, gymnastics, music, art, and swim). We only showcase activities for toddlers located in the Denver area, not surrounding locations. The guide is filled with helpful infographics to allow you to easily compare prices and options between activities.

Best Toddler Dance Classes Denver

We start off the guide with our favorite movement and toddler dance classes!

Comparison Infographic for Toddler Dance Classes Denver

infographic comparing prices and ages of toddler dance classes denverAerial Cirque Over Denver

4605 Quebec St. Central Park Neighborhood, Denver.

Perhaps the most unique of all the featured toddler dance classes in Denver is Aerial Cirque Over Denver! Their “flying tots” program is geared towards ages 3 to 5 and is a playful 45 min class where children explore aerial dance movement through games and activities. For example, children might learn how to swing on a trapeze through a game, kicking over a series of blocks. During the 8 week session ($175) kiddos will learn skills on the aerial silks, trapeze, and hammock. Parent participation is mandatory and the class is limited to 4 families so there will be a lot of hands on attention!

Denver Dance Institute

4605 Quebec St. Central Park Neighborhood, Denver.

A direct neighbor to Aerial Cirque, is the Dance Institute! The Trot’n Tots classes are for ages 2 to 3 and is six-week class that is a fun introduction to dance and movement (classes priced at $75/month). They also have a session specific to 3 and 4 year olds. This class offers a combination of ballet, tap, and tumbling! It is also $75/month, which is based on one, 1 hour class per week.

Dancin’ Dreams

2305 S Syracuse Way Unit 7. Denver OR 7000 East 47th Avenue Drive, Suite #600A. Denver.

Dancin’ Dreams (2 Denver locations) has classes for 2 and 3 year old’s and 3 and 4 year old’s. The 2-3 year old (parent-tot) Boogie Tots class focuses on a multi-sensory learning environment with basic introduction to dance (30 min classes). The Twinkle Toes class is a solo class for 3 and 4 year old’s. It’s a 45 minute class that meets once a week and covers creative movement and beginning ballet. Monthly installments (1 class/week) for the Boogie Tots Program are $98 and the Twinkle Toes Program are $115.

Cherry Creek Dance

2625 East 3rd Avenue, Denver.

Cherry Creek Dance has a couple different classes for toddlers and preschoolers! For 2-3 year old’s, they have a 1 hour combo class, which includes 30 minutes of ballet instruction and 30 minutes of tap. For 3-4 year old’s they offer hip hop classes (currently a combined age class with 5-8 year old’s) or a ballet/tap combo class (again, currently a combined age class with 6 to 9 year old’s). All classes are 1 hour. A drop in is $26.

Staenberg-Loup Jewish Community Center

350 S Dahlia St, Denver.

The JCC has so many fun classes for toddlers in Denver! Among the many is “toddler dance” for ages 2 to 3.5 year olds. This 30 minute introductory dance class introduces young dancers to the art of movement through story telling, music, and games. Kiddos are introduced to multiple forms of dance including ballet, jazz, and hip hop. They run the program in sessions that vary in length, but most are 6 to 9 weeks long and come to $20/class (though they charge for the session duration).

The Mama’hood Denver

3020 Clayton St, Denver.

The Baby and Me class at Mama’Hood is a yoga class for moms, dads, and caregivers. Depending on the age of your little, this one might be more geared towards you! The gentle yoga class is tailored towards the needs of the postpartum body and other common ailments partners and caregivers experience while caring for a baby. You’ll get to practice interactive poses with your baby and engage with a supportive community. This class is best for babies and toddlers 6 weeks to walking! Classes are 1 hour long and $15.

Toddler Gymnastics Classes Denver

Your little gymnast will love an introduction to bars, trampolines, and more in these preschool gymnastics classes!

Comparison Infographic for Toddler Gymnastics Classes Denver

infographic comparing prices and ages of toddler gymnastics classes denver

Dardanos School of Gymnastics

2250 Kearney St, Denver.

Dardanos School of Gymnastics offers parent tot gymnastics and preschool gymnastics classes that cover equipment including bars, beams, rings, and trampolines. The parent tot program is for walking to age 3. Classes are 45 minutes and run in 4 week sessions ($92 per 4 week session). The preschool program is for kiddos ages 3 to 5.5 years old. Sessions are $104 for 4 weeks and classes are one hour. There are a wide variety of day/time options available for both toddlers and preschoolers!

Ta Da Gymnastic studio

4433 W 29th Ave # 103, Denver.

Ta Da Gymnastics is a great option to introduce your kiddos to gymnastics! Their classes broken down by age group. Parent-tot classes are for ages 16 months to 3 years. Independent classes start at age 3. They also have preschool gymnastics classes for ages 4 to 5 (beginner and intermediate levels). The parent tot and preschool gymnastic program is $89 per month.

Flipz Gymnastic Academy

120 W 1st Ave, Denver.

Your preschool aged gymnast will love the intro gymnastics course at Flipz Gymnastics! Their preschool gymnastics program is for 3.5 to 5.5 year olds. Each session is 4 weeks long and each class is 1 hour in duration. The session is $200 and the first class is free. Notably, there is not a parent-tot program.

Toddler Music Classes Denver

In this section we compare the best toddler music classes in Denver.

Comparison Infographic for Toddler Music Classes Denver

infographic comparing prices and ages of toddler music classes denverRocky Mountain Aardvarks

Multiple Denver locations

Rocky Mountain Aardvarks has three different Denver locations (Highlands, Wash Park, and Cherry Creek). This parent tot class is for ages 3 months to 5 years. Classes are mixed age and run on 6 week sessions. Each session (6 classes) is $150. Classes are 40 to 45 minutes long.

Denver Academy of Musical Arts

1485 S Colorado Blvd #130, Denver.

Move and groove with singing, dancing and playing instruments at Denver Academy of Musical Arts! The preschool music class is for kids 3-5 years old. The classes run for 6 weeks with one class per week is $60 or two classes per week are $120. Drop in classes are $12. Notably, they do not have a toddler specific music class.

Staenberg-Loup Jewish Community Center

350 S Dahlia St, Denver.

Another great offering from the JCC! Their mixed age music class is for kiddos between the ages of 1.5 and 6 years old, so a class siblings can do together! Class activities include singing, dancing, instrument play, creative movement and rhythm exploration. Play with egg shakers, rhythm sticks, bells, drums and more. They run the program in sessions that vary in length, but most are 6 to 9 weeks long and come to $20/class (though they charge for the session duration).

Toddler Art Classes Denver

A parent tot activity you don’t need to clean up! Your little one will love these toddler art classes.

Comparison Infographic for Toddler Art Classes Denver

infographic comparing prices and ages of toddler art classes denverNeighborhood art studio

4890 ironton st, unit L, Denver.

Neighborhood Art Studio offers a tiny tots art and play class for kids 9 months to 4 years old. Kiddos get to participate in exploring with slime, doughs, clay, mixed media collage, painting, sifting, transferring, and more. Parent participation is required. Class pricing depends on the number of classes in the session but most sessions are 5 ($90) to 6 ($108) classes, or you can drop in for $23.

Art garage

6100 e 23rd ave, Denver.

At Art Garage, your kiddo will explore a variety of visual art materials in a safe and supportive environment. Each class will focus on baby appropriate art materials and processes, all while helping develop their fine motor skills. The Artsy Tots class is for ages 1 to 3. It is $108 for a 4 week session.

Staenberg-Loup Jewish Community Center

350 S Dahlia St, Denver.

Yet another great toddler class offering from the JCC! Their artistic tots class is for kiddos between the ages of 1.5 and 6 years old. In the 45 minute class, kiddos explore the world of textures, colors, shapes and self-expression. They run the program in sessions that vary in length, but most are 6 to 10 weeks long and come to $24/class (though they charge for the session duration).

Toddler Swim Classes Denver

Water safety is important and these Denver swim lesson locations also make it a fun parent-tot activity!

Comparison Infographic for Toddler Swim Classes Denver

infographic comparing prices and ages of toddler swim classes denverLittle kickers Swim School

1423 s. Holly st, Denver.

Little Kickers Swim School offers reoccurring (weekly) or drop in swim classes for ages 6 months and older. Lessons are 30 minutes, or 15 min for kiddos younger than 1 year. Recurring 30 minute lessons are billed at a flat monthly rate which covers one lesson per week. Weekday lessons are $200/month, weekends and evening lessons are $216. Drop in 30 minute lessons are $50/lesson (weekday) or $54/lesson (weekend/evening). The 15 minute lessons for kiddos younger than 1 year are cheaper ($100/month, weekday. $108/month, weekend/evening. $25/drop in weekday. $27 weekend/evening).

Goldfish swim school

9119 e. 50th ave, Denver.

Goldfish Swim School offers a handful of different class options for different ages. Baby classes start at age 4 month and go through 3 years old. These classes are 30 minutes in length. While some are parent-tot classes, others are solo classes if your kiddo has experience in the water. From 3 to 4, your kiddo would participate in the junior classes. Similarly to the baby classes, there are a few different levels based on previous experience/comfort in the water. Junior classes are also 30 minutes. Lessons are $132 per month (1 class/week).

Safe Splash Swim School

4151 E Colfax Ave, Denver.

Safe Splash Swim School also has baby (parent tot) and toddler classes. All classes are 30 minutes. The parent tot classes have two levels based on age (6 months to 18 months and 18 months to 3 years). The toddler classes are for ages 2 and 3 and are independent classes. Parent tot classes are $137/month (4 classes) and the toddler classes are $140 per month.

We hope this guide offers some helpful comparison information for the best toddler and preschool classes in Denver! If you end up participating in any of these awesome activities, or find the information needs to be updated, please let us know!

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