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The 4-wk session & punch cards offer the best deal.  Drop-ins: $24-$28.
Regular c
lasses are primarily ADULTS & TEENS
Email if you have difficulty registering & include phone #.

10th Aerial Cirque Summer Camp

Weekly Sessions   June 13 – Aug 5
Or 3-wk session, June 13 – July 1   to Save $35/wk 
M-F    9:30-12:00
Ages 6 – 12 & 13 – Adults    All Levels

Learn skills on 8 Aerial Apparatuses Plus a Surprise Activity & a Friday Show!
Enjoy a Unique, Exciting camp experience with our Outstanding Instructors!
Multi Week & Family Member Discounts
One time registration fee for new students – $25

Sign up here    or Dance@AerialDanceOverDenver.com for quick assistance.  Please include your phone number


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PRICES: Each Aerial Course has 4 classes held once a week for the 4 week session
1st course – $100
Each additional 4 class course- $90
Additional family members – $90

Drop-in – $28
Aerial Fitness, Aerial Workouts – coached, Flexibility, Contortion, Chimpmunks & Flying Squirrels, Cirque Acro- $85, (Drop-in $24)
Aerial Yoga – $74, Drop-in – $20
Punch cards available
One-time only registration fee for new students – $25
Gift Certificates – any amount

2 Month Punch Cards

4 classes – $104
8 classes – $194
12 classes – $280
3 Month Punch Card
16 classes – $360
Valid for Beginning Aerial, Trapeze, Fabric, Hoop & Spanish Web, Flexibility & Contortion, Aerial Work outs – coached, Aerial Performance Skills, & Aerial Yoga.  For use in classes at appropriate level.

2 Month Aerial Yoga Punch Cards – Sundays 10:00 – 11:15am
4 classes – $76
8 classes – $140  (Inc. 1 wk grace period)

Register Here

Other programs:

Mondays,  Tuesdays, Thursdays 4:30-6:30pm
Sept – May
Email Dance@AerialDanceOverDenver

AERIALIST TRACK: $360 – 4 Wk session
Unlimited classes for the lowest price . Includes:
Aerial Basics, Aerial Fitness, Trapeze, Fabric, Hoop & Spanish Web, Flexibility & Contortion, Aerial Yoga, & Aerial Choreography & Performance plus discounts for other classes.  No make-ups for the Track.

Performance Troupes for ADOD students ages 8-12 & 13 – Adult

Duo – $110/hr
Trio – $135/hr
Quad – $165/hr

BIRTHDAY, Bachelorette & Other Parties


One 4-week session of Aerial Basics or Aerial Fitness (or prior training) is required to enroll in the apparatus classes: (Trapeze, Fabric, Hoop & Spanish Web). Private instruction is also available to prepare you for these classes. One week of ADOD Camp, 2 sessions of classes, or 2 of our Cirque du Soleil Master Classes are required to enroll in the Performance & Choreography Class.

Beginning Aerial/Aerial Basics
An excellent introduction to Aerial Dance utilizing a variety of aerial apparatuses to learn a beautiful and effective way to dance and work out that isn’t possible without each apparatus while gaining strength and proper technique. Learn basic skills on Fabric (silks), Trapeze, Hoop (lyra), & Spanish Web.

Aerial Workouts – Coached  (Formally Aerial Fitness):
Work out the FUN way! Utilizing a variety of aerial apparatuses in each class, exercises designed to improve strength & flexibility will be performed in the space between the ground and apparatus & on the apparatus with levels of difficulty to suit each individual. An Exciting, Effective way to become the “ultimate you”! No experience necessary.

The trapeze is suspended from the ceiling at a single or double point with 2 ropes coming down to a bar at about shoulder height. The dancer can dance between the ground and the bar, up on the bar, or climb up for loops & ropework, thus making dancing in the space above ground possible. Other types of trapezes will also be used, making this the most versatile apparatus.

Fabric: (Low, Intermediate, & High levels) 
Silk fabric is suspended from the ceiling enabling the dancer to dance in the air using the fabric.

Hoop (Lyra):
A hoop is suspended from the ceiling and can be at any height. Gorgeous dance movements can be achieved using this apparatus. Many believe this to be the most graceful of all apparatuses.

Spanish Web:
A long white rope suspended from the ceiling, (similar to those in gym class but softer), the “web” forms as the dancer wraps the rope around him/ herself while moving into various positions. Amazing spinning and circling moves are also performed by attaching a hand/foot loop. It really is like flying!

Aerial Youth Circus:  Ages 6 1/2 – 8
Pre-Teen:  Ages 9-12
Teen Aerial:  Ages 12 – 17

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays from Sept-Dec. and January-May..  Fun & friendship after school while learning aerial skills on a variety of aerial apparatuses from outstanding instructors. Students perform their favorite moves in their own show the end of each season.

Aerial Performance Skills:

Learn Aerial Choreography, Artistry, & Performance skills.  Set your aerial moves to music & add a whole new dimension of enjoyment to your aerial experience!  Create exciting,  interesting routines.  Work on a variety of fun apparatuses not offered in other classes.  Excellent performance training – most of our performers are selected from this class!

Aerial Artistry:
Focus  on developing artistry beyond just creative movement. Enjoy as you find new ways to express your artistry in the air! Excellent training for those interested in performing for events at Aerial Cirque Over Denver & other venues!

Flexibility & Contortion:
Increase your flexibility under the guidance of excellent instructors to create extraordinary lines when you dance and in your aerial work.  Good for the non-flexible who want to become more flexible & the very flexible who want to take it to the extreme!

Aerial Yoga:
Traditional yoga positions are transferred to aerial apparatuses, especially fabric, with an added dimension making it an extremely effective & uplifting work-out. Strength, flexibility, circulation, and lengthening are accomplished by inverting the positions. No Aerial or Yoga experience necessary.

Bungee Dance:
Bungee: 2 bungee loops are suspended from the ceiling which the dancer harnesses into and is then able to dance and flip in the air without being a gymnast!

Swing Line and Giant Swing:
A static rope is suspended from the ceiling which the dancer harnesses into and is then able to flip, swing, & circle while dancing in the air. Develop core strength the easy, fun way! Form the Giant Swing by harnessing into 2 lines and thus be able to dance and flip while flying across the room securely harnessed in! Great Fun!

Cirque Acro & Hand-to-Hand balancing:
Learn circus acrobatic balances, basic tumbling, hand balancing from professional circus coaches.  Spice up your aerial with exciting ground skills!  Fun! All levels!

*Aerial Stars Over Denver*  Performance troupe training.

Aerial Track:  Described above.   An economical way to take multiple classes.

Summer Camp:
Learn, play, dance & work out on aerial apparatuses: Fabric, Trapeze, Hoop, Spanish Web, Aerial Net, Swing Line, & Giant Swing! Each week has a surprise activity and a Friday show!  Enjoy a unique, exciting summer camp experience with our outstanding instructors! Kids, Teens, & Adults! No experience needed! All levels. Weekly sessions.

Off-Track Camp:
Contact us to arrange your own 1-5 day Camp for your group. All ages, all levels.

Chipmunks & Flying Squirrels:
Children, ages 6-7 learn basic dance moves using the various apparatuses “as a partner” to develop knowledge and strength in preparation for the aerial apparatus classes open to ages 8 and above.

Pole Artistry:  Pole champion, Estee Zakar, emphasizes flexibility, strength & toning in her artistic approach to Pole Dance.

Strength & Practice:
An adult is present but no instruction, help, or supervision is given.  Participants must be over 18 and know how to use the apparatus correctly and do only what they know and can do safely without help. This session provides an opportunity to practice what has been learned & to keep your strength up between classes. Drops are not allowed, however wraps for drops may be practiced. A variety of apparatuses will be available. Routines may be practiced to selected music once until everyone has had an opportunity to play their music. A $15 fee and a WAIVER SIGNED BY AN ADULT is required before entering practice space.

Master Classes, Seminars, & Workshops:
Offered from time to time, a unique opportunity to work with renowned artists to enhance and enrich student’s performance, technique, and enjoyment of Aerial Dance. Students are highly encouraged to sign up for these activities when available!

Private Instruction:
Private/Semi-Private Lessons are available for developing & perfecting individual or group Aerial routines, one-on-one training for beginner-advanced levels, class preparation for new students, & for anyone with irregular schedules that make class participation inconvenient or inconsistent.

Wear Comfortable non-slippery, non-baggy clothes without beading, rivets, buckles etc. No jewelry. Tie hair back. A leotard or sleeved shirt & pants, leggings, or tights, (preferably cotton) are best. Stretchy flesh colored tape to protect hands from blisters is helpful for camp. Most prefer to be barefoot. Water bottles.

Cancellation Policies:  Space in class or camp is not guaranteed until full payment has been received by ADOD, LLC.  In order to maintain high quality instructors Aerial Dance Over Denver, LLC is not able to give refunds or credits. Students are allowed 1 make-up per 4-wk course or week of camp w/ 2 weeks to complete their make up in a class with availability and at their appropriate level.  Reservation by email is required for all make-ups.  There are  risks of physical or property damages, losses, or injury that may result from participation and the participant or guardian of participant voluntarily assumes the risks associated with such participation.  Participant or adult guardian must  sign the Aerial Dance Over Denver, LLC waiver before participating in any ADOD, LLC activity.

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