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What Are Sarms

Are you wondering about ‘ what are SARMs’? Selective androgen receptor modulator, also known as SARMs, is a chemical that has great potential to reduce fat mass, increase muscle mass, endurance, and longevity. Sarms Global is a worldwide producer of high-quality SARMs for labs, researchers and educational institutions.

How long do SARMs stay in your system?

The half-life of SARMs is approximately 30 hours. It is considered generally safe to limit the dosage to 10mg to 22mg per day and still be able to get the best results. One of the products of SARMs, LGD-4033 has a half-life of up to 36 hours, which is quite long by many standards which means that the SARM will stay in your system after 24 hours of intake.

But intake of SARMs, if you choose not to take SARMs for the next two days, ¼ of it remains in the system. If you go without SARMs for three days, 1/8 of it will remain and so on until it’s untraceable. A study conducted on a healthy male who took 10mg of SARMs per day continuously for 21 days showed that urine samples contained traces of LGD-4033 for up to 7 days after stopping the intake.

Are SARMs banned?

SARMs are not essentially banned. But in October 2017, three supplement-manufacturing companies received letters from the FDA warning them that SARMS are unapproved drugs and can lead to adverse side effects such as cardiovascular and liver damage, heart attack, stroke and other life-threatening conditions.

To answer your very question of what are sarms? Sarms are synthetic drugs that deliver effects similar to anabolic steroids. The FDA does not approve SARMS for human consumption, The World Anti-Doping Agency and National Collegiate Athletic Association forbids the use of SARMS in sports.

How dangerous are SARMs?

Some of the side-effects of SARMs can make it dangerous in cases of overdosage. Suppression of natural hormone production (testosterone), reduced your levels of luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone, reduced sperm count are some of the side effects associated with the intake of larger doses of SARMs.

When you introduce androgens into the body in large amounts, your body recognizes the spike and reacts by reducing its own production of these hormones. In addition to the risks above, large doses of SARMs can cause side effects such as infertility, mental health problems such as aggression, depression, and thoughts of suicide.

Health benefits of SARMs

You can take SARMs if you are an older man or woman with osteopenia or osteoporosis as SARMs can help you with your condition and result in healthy bone growth. You must not consume SARMs if you have hypogonadism. Men with intentions to build muscles, six-packs or well-defined arms, legs, and abs can use SARMs, as studies have proved that SARMs aid in sustained muscle growth.

SARMs can help women with better bone retention, increased levels of libido, building muscle, and burning fat. Sarms Global is one of the leading legit suppliers of Sarms in Canada. Contact us to know more about what are Sarms and understand their role in human health and development.

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