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Pecans Gift

A family with the tradition of enjoying cakes and pies as dessert has a decent exposure on gorging on pecans. People who do not have a tradition of enjoying pecans during the festive season have a significant and valid challenge in enjoying the right one. You should, therefore, consider the following skimmed crash course on how to buy and maintain a pecans gift.

Qualities of a good pecan

The most straightforward way is to ask about the authenticity of the seller and the credibility of their source. Another way is to know all the values of a whole pecan and to know which one feels or looks right. The best ones will feel heavy in your hand while they are still in the shell. The seed should be dry because a wet one may have compromised health.

Where can you buy pecans?

Nut of the Month Club is one of the old school popular sellers of pecans around the world. It pays to get the source of pecans because you can verify the quality of their growth and nurturing process. We source our nuts from some of the best growing regions in the country and seek to ensure the continued improvement of all varieties.

How available are pecans?

Most farmers can harvest and sell the nuts throughout the year. You may, however, notice their influx in markets during fall. Luckily, this period coincides with the highest demand seasons, at the start of late September.

You can easily find them on reliable stores like Nut of the Month Club, or the supermarket or bakery that likes to sprinkle nuts on cakes and creams. They are more noticeable in holiday seasons because they add a flavorful perception of festivity to snacks and desserts.

What are the different types of pecans?

There are more than 200 types of pecans. The bottom line about their classification is that their categorization depends on their growth process. Many of the different pecan species are available in several different states and may have native names such as:

  • Pawnee
  • Mohawk
  • Choctaw
  • Shoshonee

Other more recent naming systems reflect the farmer’s whimsy; hence one may not recognize the names in shopping aisles and online stores. All pecans are available as shelled or unshelled varieties. You can buy ready pecans in salted or roasted versions available in many different forms.

How can you prevent Pecans from souring fast?

Pecans have a shelf life like most other nut variations. You should be conscious and cautious of the expiration date if you want to avoid money loss from your monthly or annual subscriptions.

Avoid putting the seeds in direct sunlight or at room temperature to slow down their spoilage process. It is best to toast the seeds and store them in the freezer so they can last you a couple of weeks. Make sure you use an airtight packaging to prevent contamination by moisture.

Your best bet in buying pecans is through a platform with enough experience of dealing with different sources. We offer many different flavors of pecan nuts and trust that our source maintains an edgy taste that keeps clients wanting to renew their subscription. Check out our store for the best purchase options for a Pecans gift at any time of the year.


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Pecans Gift Pecans Gift