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Mood Swings Tulsa Ok

Mood Swings Tulsa Ok

Menopause happens to every woman eventually, usually when she is in her mid to late forties. However, some women experience menopause symptoms more severely than others. For example, many women go through extreme mood swings, hot flashes, night sweats, and other menopausal symptoms. If you are experiencing mood swings in Tulsa, OK, and you believe that they are related to menopause, then contact Gorospe Health. We specialize in hormone replacement therapy, a therapy that has helped countless women live a much better life during menopause.

If you would like to schedule an appointment for a consultation or stop by our clinic during normal business hours, we can get you set up with a doctor to go over your needs and goals and tell you what your best options are.

What is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

During menopause, a woman's hormones begin to change very rapidly and in dramatic fashion. The loss of estrogen can cause a woman to experience mood swings and other symptoms, such as the ones mentioned above. Hormone replacement therapy can significantly help a woman during menopause by alleviating these symptoms naturally.

Hormone Replacement therapy combines estrogen and progesterone in the body. The result is the minimization or the elimination of menopausal symptoms, such as bone loss, dwindling energy levels, mood swings, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and a diminished sexual appetite. Estrogen and progesterone are created by a woman's body naturally, but they stop during menopause.

Can Hormone Replacement Therapy Help My Mood Swings

However, not every woman is a good candidate for hormone replacement therapy. If you have had or currently do have breast cancer, then hormone replacement therapy is not an option for you. Likewise, if you are over the age of 59, then hormone replacement therapy typically would not be recommended for you. Other questions need to be asked as well, such as do you still have your uterus intact.

At Gorospe Health, we use bioidentical hormones, which means we use hormones that match the hormones that are made in your body naturally. Typically, hormone replacement treatments are administered in pill form, but they may also be done in topical creams.

Is Hormone Replacement Therapy Safe?

15 to 20 years ago, HRT was almost banned in the United States because it was thought that hormone replacement was tied to cancer, heart attack, and stroke. However, much research has been done since then, and HRT is widely accepted in Oklahoma and throughout the US. Generally speaking, this treatment is safe.

Although there are some risks involved with hormone replacement therapy, a thorough assessment and screening can minimize those risks and help you feel better now. Hormone replacement therapy typically lasts four to five years. You'll need to stop using it slowly or else you'll experience menopause again.

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If you are interested in hormone replacement therapy for mood swings in Tulsa, OK then Gorospe Health welcomes you. Feel free to contact us to schedule your first appointment today.



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Mood Swings Tulsa Ok Mood Swings Tulsa Ok