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Best Meditation Philadelphia

Best Meditation Philadelphia

Is there something lacking in yourself that you can’t figure out? Are you physically, mentally and emotionally stressed? Then, this is the time that you need to meditate. What are the benefits of meditation? How can these meditative activities help you find yourself?

Here are some meditations in Philadelphia and the services that they offer for you to combat the feeling of physical exhaustion, emotional disturbance, and psychological fears and thereby overcome self-greediness, hatred and ignorance.

Sit Meditation Space

Sit Meditation Space is the first and the only mediation that uses modern meditation studio. It offers workshops and classes focusing on the practices of mindfulness meditation. The goal is to employ stress relief and self-reflection. Strong sense of companionship or the belonging of one’s life to community and making you wake up to a collective consciousness to become happy and peaceful is the goal of this mediation.


ClearLight Meditation Institute

It was established in 1998 by Scott M. He started with Tibetan Buddhism. Then, he was trained by the three great masters. His institute focused on the power of meditation through the use of tradition and life-changing powers that are already available to everyone. Some of the topics they focused on are awareness and mindfulness, management of life stress, heart practices which includes kindness and compassion. They integrate the inclusive teaching of wisdom from ancient tradition of Buddhism. Psychology and Neurosciences are integrates in their classes. They aims to have a step by step progression of one’s understanding about personal growth and thereby be transformed and awakened.


Kadampa Meditation Center Philadelphia

Kadampa Meditation Center Philadelphia is a non-profit organization. It only aims to deepen the understanding of the community on the benefits of meditation. English is the medium of instruction used in conducting the classes. Everybody is welcome to attend the class. You need not to be a Buddhist or member of the community to attend.


Shambhala Meditation Center

This meditation center offers the so called Kilkenny's approach. The class is divided into different methods and explaining the meanings behind things. The purposes is to build a personal connection who are present in the class.


HOWL Awareness Center

This meditation center was established in 2014. It offers the following meditative techniques such as Mineral Energy Healing sessions, Readings/Transmission (Psychic medium) guidance, Integrated Energy Therapy Classes and private session, Weekly Group Meditations and Self Awareness workshops. The center offers $25 per month membership fee before for the improvement of the services but later it became Non-profit organization.


The Rabbit Hole

Unique yoga experience is what you can get from The Rabbit Hole meditation. This meditation has just opened this 2018. This meditation primarily focused on relieving life stress of as the effect of daily exhaustion from work and studies. Calming one’s life is the main goal of this meditation.


Yosuda : Mindfulness-Based Yoga and Enneagram

Kess will help you dig more about your inner self. This meditation uses the Enneagram techniques where you can attain peace and mental clarity. The services they offer are Counseling, Life coach, Mindfulness-Base Stress Reduction, Yoga Therapy, and of course the Enneagram session for anxiety, stress, burn out, self-development, depression and conflict solving.


Do you find yourself having these signs of stress? You can visit the aforementioned meditations and find peace within yourself. Don’t let these stress reign in your life. Control them by educating yourself and awaken the wisdom within you. This can be done by the help of meditation. Come and do it now at best meditation philadelphia! It is the right time for you to be happy and overwhelm these painful thoughts and scary feelings. Meditate now!

Best Meditation Philadelphia
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Best Meditation Philadelphia
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Best Meditation Philadelphia Best Meditation Philadelphia