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BCAA pre workout

Whether you are a pro athlete or a total beginner, you probably already have a good idea about what you’re doing, and you probably already master the basics: a good, decent workout plan, a carefully planned diet, and possibly some supplements here and there. But as we, at Built To Win, there is always new stuff to be learned, especially when it comes to fitness and body sculpting.

Among all the tools at your disposal, there is one in particular that stands out. We are talking about the BCAA pre-workout supplementation, one of the most effective ways of enhancing your performance consistently. BCAA stands for Branched-Chain Amino Acids, and we are mostly interested in three of them, which stand out as the most predominant in our muscle mass, totaling 35% of the muscle proteins.

These are leucine, valine, and isoleucine and they are called essential amino acids or indispensable amino acids. As the name suggests, they are crucial to our normal functioning and, furthermore, the human body can not naturally synthesize them. This means that we need to extract them from our diets, ideally using supplementation.

Harnessing the amino power

Nowadays, fitness and bodybuilding are no longer treated as secrets, only available to pros you once got to see on Mr. Olympia stage. Now even the casual sportsmen know that there are four key aspects to the physical enhancement process you need to abide by if you want visible, reliable results:

  1. A well-constructed workout program
  2. A rock-solid, researched diet
  3. Proper supplementation, providing the body with all the nutrients it needs
  4. An adequate resting program, allowing for muscle recovery

Out of all of these steps, the third one is the least understood. Most people don’t know how vital BCAA pre-workout, what supplements to take, when and how. In reality, pre-workout supplements are sometimes even more important than the rest, because of how the function.

The Branched-Chain Amino Acids deliver primarily three crucial effects:

  • Muscle enhancement – The protein synthesis is just what your muscles need to develop properly and having the BCAA alongside you will guarantee a boost in muscle growth as a result. This means more gains for fewer
  • Faster muscle recovery – The recovery process is crucial because that is when muscles grow. But it is even more interesting when throwing the BCAA into the equation since these amino acids will support the recovery process even during the training sessions. As a result, your muscles won’t get tired as easily, and you will be able to avoid cramps and muscle fatigue.
  • Supports fat loss – Generally, you either start losing weight and then go for muscle mass buildup or the other way around. Having both at the same time is somewhat tricky. Not with BCAA and its protein synthesis, though.

The BCAA pre-workout is a must if you’re into the business of building the perfect body, and we, at Built To Win are only interested in supporting your efforts as best we can. You deserve better and faster results, and now you have the opportunity of getting them.

BCAA pre workout

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BCAA pre workout BCAA pre workout